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Notice of Annual General Meeting

The 2016 Annual General Meeting will take place after the shoot on this Sunday morning at 11 am.

You are strongly encouraged to come along and influence the future of your club.

During the meeting we will decide the members of next year's membership committee. If you are interested in standing for any position please let me know by return email.

Full adult members of the club may stand for any position on the committee. Where more than one person is standing for a position, the successful candidate will be selected by voting through a show of hands of those eligible members present at the meeting.

Positions on the committee are as follows:

  • President (currently Thomas Maple)

  • Vice President (currently Bryant Stokes)

  • Treasurer (currently Anthony McKinnon)

  • Secretary (currently Peter Barry)

  • Equipment Officer (currently Gary Martin)

  • Recorder (currently vacant, but being currently undertaken by Anthony McKinnon)

  • Non-executive members (currently Ann Sutherland, Naoko Zwingmann, Mike Cornforth, + 1 vacant)

Whilst most members of the committee are happy to continue for another year, we are specifically looking for new persons to fulfill the roles of Vice President, Secretary, and a Non-executive member during next year. Anthony McKinnon is happy to continue doubling up as recorder whilst we role out Archery Australia's 'Archer's Diary' scheme this year.

However, please note any adult full member of the club can stand for any position on the committee - please let me know if you wish to stand.

Hope to see you at the meeting on Sunday!

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