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About Sunset Coast Archers

Sunset Coast Archers is the only archery club in the metropolitan area whose members shoot regurlarly on a Sunday morning at the 

Lake Monger Reserve, Perth W.A.

We are affiliated with World Archery, Archery Australia and Archery Western Australia.


Sunset Coast Archers is a club for people who just want to shoot socially and for those who want to take the sport a little more    seriously. We have regular saussage sizzles  on Sundays.


A number of our archers hold state records for various age divisions. Club members also shoot for classification and various other badges awarded by Archery Australia. It is entirely up to you as to how far you would like to take your archery.


At Sunset Coast Archers we cater for ages 11 and above and on any given Sunday we have a mix of male and female archers ranging from beginners to more experienced archers.


Club members shoot with Recurved bows, Longbows, Barebows and Compound bows. Unfortunately we are unable to cater for 

Crossbow  shooters.


We have a number of qualified archery instructors who are able to teach beginners the fundamentals of archery and who are also able to help more advanced archers.


Sunset Coast Archers Club Constitution - HERE

SCA Risk Management Plan - HERE

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