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About Us

Archery is a sport for all seasons and for all people whatever their age, gender or level of physical ability. It is also a very versatile sport since it can be as simple or as involved as the archer wishes.

It is possibly the only sport where the whole family can learn together, side by side so if you are going to book the kids in to a beginner’s course you might consider doing it yourself. We offer a discount for families.


Sunset Coast Archers is a club for people who just want to shoot socially and for those who take the sport a little more seriously. A number of our archers also hold state records for various age divisions.


At Sunset Coast Archers we cater for ages 11 upwards and on any given Sunday we have a mix of male and female archers ranging from beginners to more experienced archers.


Club members also shoot for classification and other badges awarded by Archery Australia.


Club members shoot with recurve bows, compound bows and longbows or barebow. Unfortunately we are unable to cater for crossbow shooters.


We have a number of qualified Archery Instructors who are able to teach beginners the fundamentals of Archery and who are also able to help more advanced Archers.


If you have never done archery before we offer a four week course which will take you from never having touched a bow to shooting alongside experienced Archers.


These courses are designed so that after four weeks you will have a greater understanding of the sport and a good indication of whether you would like to continue on or not.


Members of affiliated clubs are welcome to come along and just practice or shoot any of the rounds that we have scheduled for that day for the cost of a $10.00 target fee.

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