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Shooting with a Disability

Para-Arcgery is also known as Disabled archery is a test of strength, endurance, accuracy and concentration and is open to atheletes with a physical disability ( Including spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, amputee  etc. ) in three functional classes ( Open, Standing and Wheelchair ) catering for Recurve and Compound devisions. 


Archery is one of the only sports where you get to compete with abled bodied men and women on equat terms.


At Sunset Coast Archers we welcome any body who falls within the Para -Archery catagory or otherwise. Our members are more than happy to help where you may need it.


Internationally Para-Archery is conducted by World Archery  who conduct Para World Championships and the Paralympic Games.

Within Australia Para classified atheletes compete along side able bodied atheletes and are invited to compete in all competitions with equal status although equipment and rules can be modified to all Para Atheletes the ability to compete equally.

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