Beginners Courses

Why Sunset Coast Archers?


Archery is a sport for all seasons and for all people whatever their age, gender or level of physical ability.

It is also a very versatile sport since it can be as simple or as involved as the archer wishes.

The Sunset Coast Archers Beginners Course will take you from never having touched a bow to being able to shoot on the main line with club members after week five.

The Beginners Course of Sunset Coast Archers Archery is:

  • For everyone. Minimum age is 11.

  • Four weeks of structured instruction with the following 8 weeks shooting as a temporary member.

  • Beginners course runs 5-6 times a year.

  • Run by accredited instructors.

  • Focussed on recurve bow shooting but you will be shown other bow types that you may adopt at a later stage. All equipment is provided during the course.

  • Cost is $100 for the four week course. There is an immediate family discount. (The cost for two family members is $100 each, third member $80 and other immediate family members $60 each.)


All equipment is provided by the club and you will learn to shoot with a recurve bow. If you have your own recurve bow you may be able to use that depending on the draw weight (how hard it is to pull back the string) and the length of your arrows.

Next Beginners Course for 2020

The next Beginners Course for 2020 will start on Sunday 12th April 2020 commencing at 8:00am and finishing around 11:00am.

For more details please contact the club Secretary.

If you wish to enrol please use the following form:


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