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Frequently Asked Questions



Archery is a sport for all people whatever their age, gender or level of physical ability. It is also a very versatile sport since it can be as simple or as involved as the archer wishes.


It is possibly the only sport where the whole family can learn together, side by side.


If you are going to book the kids in to a course you might consider doing it yourself. There is a discount for families. Archery is a sport for all seasons and at Sunset Coast Archers we shoot all year round only taking a break for Christmas.


Can I just turn up on Sunday morning and shoot?

If you are a current member of a club affiliated with Archery Australia/Archery WA the you are welcome to come and shoot with us on any Sunday for the $5 cost of target fees. You must bring your AA/AWA card with you as proof - no card, no shoot.


What if I don't belong to a affiliated club?

If you do not belong to any AA/AWA affliated club then you cannot shoot with Sunset Coast Archers. We no longer support temporary memberships for non-affliated shooters.


What if I haven't done any archery before and just want to 'give it a go' ?

We have found that just 'giving it a go' is more likely to turn you off archery which is why we introduced the 4 week Beginners to Winners courses. If you do not wish to do the Beginners course eiher then we recommend you contact Whiteman Park archery.


What time do the courses start ?

See Beginners Courses for more information.


What time do you start and finish shooting each Sunday?

We start putting targets out at 8:15am and start shooting at 8:45am. On most Sundays we finish shooting at 11:30am. however somes shoots may go longer till noon.


How do I get started in Archery?

You can sign up for one of our regular beginners courses.


Do I have to book in advance for a beginners course, what does it cost and how long does the course go for?

Yes you do have to book because we only take a certain number for each course. The course goes for 4 weeks.


What happens if I can't attend all 4 weeks?

You must be able to attend the first two weeks. After that we will help you make up the week(s) you lose if necessary.


Who teaches us?

We currently have 4 qualified Archery Club Instructors.


What type of bow will I learn on?

You will be taught how to use a recurve bow.


Do I have to have my own equipment to do a beginners course?

No. We will provide you with everything that you need.


I just purchased some archery equipment. Can I use that in the beginners course?

As long as it is a recurve bow, is not too strong for you to pull and the arrows are of the right length then yes you can. We can give you advice on that once we have seen your equipment.


When should I be thinking about purchasing my own Archery equipment?

This is a complex one and another reason why our beginners courses run for 4 weeks. While you are excited about starting up archery you will want your own equipment but we suggest that you don't get anything yet. Do the course using club equipment while talking to club members about their equipment.


What age group do you cater for?

11 years and upwards.


What happens when I finish the course?

At the end of the 4 weeks you can apply to become a full member however we recommend you wait until the 12 weeks are up.


I have shot in a club environment, have my own equipment, and can shoot with a minimal amount of supervision but can't shoot very well. Should I do the beginners course?

None of us shoot very well at times so don't worry about that! Over the 4 weeks of the course you will learn how to shoot using the correct technique so you will improve. It also gives you a chance to see if Sunset Coast Archers is the club for you. On the other hand you can bypass the course and shoot as a Temporary Member for 4 weeks for the cost of weekly target fees. After that you will need to join the club but you will then get Instruction and Coaching as a club member.


Once I have done the course can I still use the club equipment?

If you have done one of our courses and if it isn't required for a beginners course then you can use club equipment at no cost for a period of 12 weeks after which you can hire equipment for $5 but to improve you should start looking at getting your own gear.


Can I use club equipment if I have done a course elsewhere or am getting back into the sport?

Yes a long as it isn't required by someone doing a beginners course or is being used by one of our club members. There is a hire fee of $5 as well as target fees of $5.


Do I have to become a member of Sunset Coast Archers?

If you are a member of an affiliated FITA club in Australia or Overseas then you can shoot for the cost of target fees otherwise you will eventually have to become a member of Sunset Coast Archers or another affiliated club. Fees will include membership to Archery Australia and Archery Western Australia so that you are covered by insurance among other things. Once you are a member of a club you can shoot at any other affiliated club for the cost of target fees however to enjoy the benifits that some clubs may offer you may have to become a full member.

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