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Why Sunset Coast Archers?

How do you know if Archery is a sport for you and why become a Sunset Coast Archer?

For a start if Sunday is the best day for you we are the only club that shoot on that day.


We are a friendly, vibrant archery club with 72+ members (2012) ranging in ages from 11yrs. to 75yrs. who shoot with either recurve, compound or longbow. A number of our members hold state records.


Sunset Coast Archers are proud to have a  qualified Archery Australia coach in Ruth Almond and four Archery Australia qualified club level instructors.


If you have never done archery before we offer a four week course which will take you from never having touched a bow to shooting along side experienced Archers.


These courses are designed so that after four weeks you will have a greater understanding of the sport and a good indication of whether you would like to continue on or not.


If you do wish to continue on you can do so as a Temporary  Member and start our Adbow or Kidbow program and get extra coaching until week twelve. The cost is just a $5.00 target fee and you can use the clubs equipment.

After that if you still want to continue you will be invited to become a club member.


If you are looking to get back into the sport or can shoot without supervision you can come along and sign in as a temporary member which will allow you to shoot for four Sundays after which you will be invited to become a full member. The cost is $5.00 target fee with your own equipment and an extra $5.00 fee if you choose to hire the clubs archery equipment.


Members who are over 18 years old are also required to pay an extra $30.00 for a yearly membership to the Lake Monger Recreation Club.


Club members have the option to shoot scoring rounds every week which will get them 3rd,2nd and 1st class medals or Master and Gramdmaster bowmen medals; how ever no one has to score if they don't want to.

Rounds vary in distance from 20m to 120m.


Members of affiliated clubs are welcome to come along and just practice or shoot any of the rounds that we have scheduled for that day for the cost of a $5.00 target fee.


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